Monthly Archives: November 2015

Boreatton Park

Hi Everyone

Last week was a great week for all those children who went to Boreatton Park and those children who stayed in school and completed some projects. It was really pleasing to have many positive comments from adults in school and at Boreatton Park about how well behaved you all were and how much enthusiasm you had.

We would like you to describe what your favourite part of last week was and why you enjoyed it so much. This will help you with some writing that you will do later this week.

Be very descriptive!!


Mr Rigby & Mrs Cooper

I’m a Celebrity

Hi Year 6

Hope you are all well rested and ready to go.

As part of our I’m a Celebrity context we would like you all to reply with to the post with your favourite moment/challenge that you have seen on the show.

Make sure it is written clearly and in detail as we have never seen the show before so might not understand.


Mr Rigby/Mrs Cooper