Private Peaceful

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I hope you are having a good break. I have posted your homework below. Read the extract from ‘Private Peaceful’ and then complete the activities afterwards. Remember a noun phrase is a group of words that describes an object/ place/ thing in more detail. When explaining why it is a good description of the trench, think about the feelings, smells and sights which Morpurgo describes.

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Private Peaceful P126 A sense of place

‘Our greatest scourge is neither rats nor fleas but the unending drenching rain, which runs like a stream along the bottom of our trench, turning it into nothing but a mud-filled ditch, a stinking gooey mud that seems to want to hold us and then suck us down and drown us. I have not had dry feet since I got here. I go to sleep wet. I wake up wet, and the cold soaks through my sodden clothes and into my aching bones. Only sleep brings any relief, sleep and food. God, how I long for both.’

Find three noun phrases.
How does the mud make Tommo feel?
Why is this a good description of the trench?

8 thoughts on “Private Peaceful

  1. D.M

    Hi Mrs cooper,
    I think that, the unending drenching rain, a stinking gooey mud, mud filled ditch, are all noun phrases. the mud makes Tommo feel like he is getting suked in to it. It is a good description beacouse it makes yo feel like you are there.
    From D.M

  2. H.S

    1. Unending drenching rain. A stinky gooey mud that seems to want to hold us and then suck us down and drown us. Nothing but a mud filled ditch.
    2. Annoyed because he has not been dry scince he got there. Cold because he is wet all day and goes to sleep wet. He feels like the mud sucks him down and drowns him.
    3. It is good because the text tells you about how tommo is feeling and how he feels about the mud. Also it is very descriptive and tells you a lot about how he is feeling.
    From H.S

    1. c.cooper Post author

      Great! You found some noun phrases and it does describe his feelings well. The reader can begin to understand what it might be like to be him.

  3. C.M

    Hello mrs cooper ,

    1) I have not had dry feet since I got hear
    2) I go to sleep wet
    3) I wake up wet
    The mud makes Tommo feel cold and wet as he discribes it as I wake up wet and the cold soaks through my cloths and in to my aching bones.
    This is a good description of the trench because it describes how you would feel if you were there and puts a good image in the readers head .
    From CM

    1. c.cooper Post author

      Good! You have picked parts that describe how he feels. Can you find noun phrases like ‘unending, drenching rain?’ It is a phrase which includes more than one adjective to describe the noun. It does put a great image in the reader’s head, you are correct.

  4. LB

    Hi Mrs Cooper

    1–Unending, drenching rain; mud-filled ditch; stinking, gooey mud.

    2–Because the mud is gooey he feels like someday it may suck him in, also he goes to sleep wet waking up even wetter.

    3–I think that its a very good description because it puts an image in the readers head, plus he uses imagery to help describe.

    I have a questions for everyone else, how would you feel if you were Tommo?


    1. c.cooper Post author

      Excellent ideas, thank you. What a great idea to ask others how they would feel if they were Tommo. I think I would feel scared, lonely, miserable and be longing for home.


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